Improve Your Add On Therapy Skills, Provide Great Care, Increase Revenue!

Increase the effectiveness of your patient care while increasing your revenue!

Want individual or small-group coaching personalized for you and your practice?

Sign up for an individualized coaching session to help you integrate therapy into your practice, provide great care, and increase your revenue.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for better integrating therapy into E/M sessions

  • Required elements for billing add on psychotherapy

  • Documentation tips

  • Review of evidence-based therapeutic interventions

  • Tips for starting and growing your own PMHNP practice


  • $250/hr for transformative, immediately applicable, 1:1 coaching

  • Small group sessions for 2-4 people available at $320/initial session

    • $250/follow up sessions

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Dr. Debbie Granick, Doctorally-Prepared Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

​Available for speaking, training, consultation to groups of all sizes.

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